Monoprix is here – through the good songs and the bad

French grocer Monoprix struck the right chord with shoppers by proving how delivery is the answer to one of the greatest ills of our time — bad music.

It’s been another weird week in retail. Monoprix proved that free grocery delivery is the solution to listening to bad music, a Walmart shopper took customer service into his own hands and Auntie Anne’s threw some salt into the fashion market.

Geico and Budweiser have taught us that humor in advertising goes a long way in making marketing campaigns more tolerable, but for reasons that probably have nothing to do with work-life balance (*cough*) the only retailers catching on are located outside of the United States.
In a move not quite as bold as Ikea’s peeing pregnancy test ad, nor quite as satisfying as the grocer’s last jab at Amazon Go, French chain Monoprix released a video advertisement centered entirely around the trials of listening to bad music. We’ve all been there: Spotify misreads our tastes and gives us Jack Johnson instead of Jack White. After a brief moment of bemused disappointment, we skip the song and all is right again.
Monoprix’s ad operates in a world where our overstuffed, grocery bag-laden hands leave us tragically devoid of this fallback, abandoning us to the mercy of whatever song crops up next. As it turns out, the ad is for grocery delivery because — barring inconvenience — listening to a bad Backstreet Boys cover is the worst form of torture the grocery chain could think of.

Hard to say whether this says more about how inconvenient carrying groceries is or how bad the music industry has gotten.

Source: Retail Dive

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