Walmart beats Amazon and flies to India

Walmart has launched a $ 12 billion challenge to Amazon (around € 9.8 billion). It could be formalized in the coming weeks the agreement, already under negotiation, that would bring in the hands of the US retail giant the main e-commerce of India, Flipkart.

The board of directors of the company led by co-founders Sachin and Binny Bansal, that in recent weeks had evaluated a possible acquisition by Amazon, would now be engaged in evaluating the offer, just 12 million dollars, trying to understand how much each shareholder will have to sell of their shares and what percentage will be in Walmart’s hands if the deal is concluded.

What is certain is that, if the operation was successful, the retailer would set foot in a market that is not yet fully developed, but potentially explosive, which with a billion and 300 million possible users could soon become the third largest on a global scale after the United States and China. In this way, it would gain a significant competitive advantage over its competitors, Amazon in the first place. The company of Jeff Bezos is still moving forward, investing heavily on the Asian country with 5.5 billion dollars (almost 4.5 billion euros) entrusted to the country manager Amit Agarwal in order to adapt the online platform to the demands of the local market.

Source: mffashion

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